Seven Surprising Tricks for Packing and Organizing Before A Move

Packing and organizing before a move is always a hassle. You want to keep things organized, but want to get the preparation over with as quickly as possible. Use these seven tricks to make things a bit easier.

1. Use what you have for packing.

Before you invest in a ton of moving boxes, use what you have first. Fill your luggage with clothing. Put your cleaning products in the bucket. Laundry baskets are perfect for bulky bedding. Use linens, blankets, towels, and clothing as packing material. It will save time and space.

2. Keep plastic bags and cling wrap on hand.

When disassembling furniture, put bolts and other hardware in a plastic storage bag. Close it and label it. Then, tape it to the furniture. Do this with any small items you need to keep track of while packing. 

You can keep items in a container they are already in by wrapping it with cling wrap. For example, pack your utensil organizer with the forks and knives inside. 

Plastic bags and cling wraps will make packing more organized.

3. Use colored packing tape and labels.

Colorful tape and labels make it easy to organize your packed containers. Assign a color to each room in your new place. For example, the kitchen might be blue. Every container for the kitchen gets the blue tape or a blue label. The color tells you instantly which room the box belongs in when you start unpacking.

4. Keep your camera close.

Before you start taking your desktop or electronics apart, take a shot of the cord arrangement on the back. It will make it dead simple to reassemble on the other end. 

Plus, if moving out of or into a rental, take photos of your old place and your new one. These show the condition of the home, which can be handy for getting deposits back. 

Take a photo of everything necessary during packing.

5. Put rubber bands to good use.

Rubber bands are handy during a move. They can keep knives and forks in a bundle. They can be wrapped from one doorknob, across the latch to the other side’s knob to prevent the door from locking automatically. Use them to attach lids and pots. Use them to keep cords in a tidy bundle.

6. Clean as you go.

When you clear a cabinet, closet shelf, or built-in drawer, take a moment to clean it. It takes a few seconds and makes move-out day a lot easier.

7. Measure everything.

Before you go to the trouble of moving your big sofa or that dresser your mom gave you, measure it. Make sure it will fit into your new place. That also means measuring any stairways or elevators that you need to traverse to get the item in. You may find that you need to leave a few things behind.

Hopefully, with the help of these tips, your packing will go smoothly. Do you have any other moving tricks?

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